While enjoying your rural holiday in Deux Sevres and Charente Maritime, you should see plenty of local wildlife. The woods contain wild boar "Sanglier" and red deer, and we regularly see them at dusk, foraging at the edge of the wood.
If you don’t see them roaming in the wild, you will be guaranteed to see them at one of the local zoos or parks:

This wildlife park in the village of Virollet is one of the finest in France. It is home to a large collection of European wildlife: Otters, Wolves, Lynx, Bison and Boar can all be seen here in their natural habitat. There is also a child friendly petting zoo which is great for younger children and parents. This is just 15 minutes drive from home.

Asinerie du Baudet de Poitou
This is a breeding centre for the local Poitevin donkey and mule. Located just outside Dampierre, you can view these animals with their charming dreadlocks and ride in a horse-drawn carriage.

La Palmyre Zoo – Royan
The zoo at LaPalmyre (near Royan) has won many awards and is very popular with children of all ages. It takes about an hour to drive there.

Monkey Valley
A must for children is a visit to the Valley of the Monkeys. Here you can walk amongst the monkeys through various zones each containing one or more species. Over 30 different species in total. Make a day out here as there are many seating and picnic areas and a snack bar. Just for this year, their 10th anniversary, all children born in 1998 are admitted free of charge.

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monkey valley
The Valley of the Monkeys

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